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Buhler AG is the general sponsor of the international conference "Grain Forum – 2014"

The company Buhler AG became the general sponsor of the international conference "Grain Forum - 2014" (June 16-18, 2014, Odessa).

With its expertise and over 150 years of experience, Bühler became one of the world leaders in development, production and introduction of technical equipment and technologies for grain processing. To date the company Buhler proposes the latest technologies and newest engineering for the enterprises storing and processing all varieties of grains and oilseeds, machinery and systems of material transportation for elevators, port terminals, flour milling, groats, mixed feed, bakery plants, and the enterprises of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer industries.

In 2010 acquisition of the company Schmidt-Seeger, leading producer of malting technology solutions, to the structure Buhler greatly expanded the capacities in the field of handling, cleaning, drying and storing of grains.

During 2010-2011 the concern Buhler realized more than a dozen of new projects in the field of grain storage and processing in the CIS, half of them in Ukraine. In 2013 Buhler supplied and launched the record number of grain cleaning machinery in Ukraine – 60 units, and drying systems – 10 units.

On February 1, 2012, the company Buhler Service LLC was founded in the Ukrainian representation office of Buhler AG. Launching of Buhler Service allows to faster response to all customer needs, supply technical equipment, spare parts and provide services in the national currency.

The company slogan: Innovations for a better world.

You can meet with representatives of the company Buhler, and get the competent advice on effective modernization of the existing complex or construction of the new object, within frames of the conference "Grain Forum - 2014".


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