March 25 2014, 15:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 678

Russia announced the planned minimum prices for grain purchases in 2014/15 MY

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia announced the proposed minimum prices for grain purchases to the public fund in 2014/15 MY within frames of the purchasing interventions, informed the draft decree of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation posted on the website of the Ministry.

In particular, in the European part of the Russian Federation the draft decree provides the minimum purchasing prices for 3-grade wheat 3 at the level of 6750 RUR/t, 4-grade - 6450 RUR/t, 5-grade - 6100 RUR/t. In the Asian part of Russia the prices will total 6400 RUR/t, 6200 RUR/t and 6000 RUR/t, respectively.

As for the remaining agricultural crops, the draft decree proposed to establish the equal minimum purchasing prices through the entire territory of Russia: milling rye - 5100 RUR/t, feed barley - 5150 RUR/t, maize - 5600 RUR/t.


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