March 26 2014, 11:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1422

Ukraine: in 2014, the cost for agricultural commodities production increased by 30%

In the current year the costs for production of agricultural commodities in Ukraine increased by nearly 30%, while previously the annual growth rate totaled nearly 10%, declared Inna Meteleva, Deputy Chairman of the corporation Svarog West Group, on March 25.

She noted that first of all, the situation is caused by fluctuation of USD/UAH currency rates, which resulted in rising of the prices for imported material and technical resources. According to I.Meteleva, agricultural producers are forced to revise the structure of crops planted areas to increase the planted areas of more profitable crops (soybeans, sunflower seed, etc.), and reduce grain crops areas.

According to preliminary calculations, the profitability of maize production will total -5%. Therefore, to date the company Svarog increased the planted areas under soybeans, which is the strategic crop for the company, explained the Deputy Chairman.


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