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Ukraine to harvest less grains and more oilseeds

In the current year in Ukraine the general production of grains to reach 57.3 mln tonnes (wheat – 19.2 mln tonnes, barley – 6.6 mln tonnes, corn – nearly 29 mln tonnes) as opposed to 63 mln tonnes in 2013, declared the Manager of business projects service of APK-Inform Rodion Rybchinsky on March 25, 2014.

According to the expert, the reason of the bearish forecast is that to date the feed grains balance does not consider the Crimean planted ares, and also possible decrease of the grains' yield due to the reduced usage of the expensive material and technical resources.

R. Rybchinsky mentioned if there is the warm weather with the lack of moisture, the situation will worsen.

The expert stated if there are the favorable weather conditions the oilseeds harvest to totaled therecord level of 15 mln tonnes (including 9.7 mln tonnes of sunflower, nearly 3.1. mln tonnes of soybeans and 2 mln tonnes of rapeseed).



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