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Disruption of Azov ports activity to benefit the Odessa-Danube region

The expected problems of Azov Sea ports, in particular the difficulties of ships passing through the Kerch Strait, to promote port infrastructure development of Odessa-Danube region, declared the Head of Business Projects Division of APK-Inform Agency Radion Rybchinskiy on March 25, 2014.

He stated the issue is about the probable building of the river terminals in the Black Sea ports if there is the reformation of the Ukrainian grain logistics freight flows.

The President of the Ukrainian Grain Association Vladimir Klimenko mentioned, that Ukraine to execute the export grain program in 2013/14 MY. He also added as of to date Ukraine has already exported 27 mln tonnes of grains of planned (33 mln tonnes).

The expert stated that if it is impossible to ship from the Crimean ports it will not have the significant impact on the general export capacities due to its annual share is just 5 mln tonnes.

According to R. Rybchinskiy they do not expect the oilseeds and by-products exports decrease.


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