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Ukraine to harvest 15.2 mln tonnes of oilseeds in 2014

Next season the general production of oilseeds will be at the level of 15.2 mln tonnes, meanwhile sunflower production to total 9.8 mln tonnes, soybean — 3.2 mln tonnes, rapeseed — 2.1 mln tonnes, declared the analyst of APK-Inform Andrey Kupchenko on March 27, 2014.

According to the expert, the primary trend on the oilseed market is the expected soybean production increase. In particular, in 2014 the oilseed planted areas will rise 1.7 mln ha, up 20% compared to the same rate in 2013 (1.4 mln ha). Next season the oilseeds yield to total 1.93 t/ha, as opposed to the same rate in 2013 (2.14 t/ha).

A.Kupchenko stated in 2014 the winter rapeseed planted areas totaled only 934 thsd ha, down 9% in comparison with the rate of the previous season. At the same time, if the wintering and weather conditions are favorable in the current year the oilseed crop to reach 2.1 mln tonnes, down only 158 thsd tonnes compared to the last year.


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