March 28 2014, 12:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1533

Planning of any projects in the Crimea is very risky – expert

In the nearest future planning of any projects in the Crimea is very risky, said Evgenia Novichkova, lawyer of CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz in Ukraine, in her comments to APK-Inform.

According to the expert, it is very risky to realize any business operations in the Crimea as at the territory with uncertain legal status, including credit provision and financing, sales by installments, or conversely, upfront payment for any commodities or services.

E.Novichkova also believes that to date the companies should concentrate the major efforts to keep everything that can be saved. Therefore, it is necessary to put in the best possible order all documents on property (if it is technically possible). "I recommend to ensure that all rights for estate property and land areas are registered in the State Register of Property Rights", said the expert.


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