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World Bank to give Ukraine 1 bln USD credit

The World Bank (WB) will give Ukraine for the reforming of financial sector 1 bln USD within credit for development policy, declared the National Bank of Ukraine on March 31, 2014.

The World Bank mission was working in Ukraine during the period of March 24-28, for determination of the priorities and main directions for the financial sector reformation, that potentially can be supported by the WB.

Within the recent week the result of the World Bank mission was development of the activity program of the financial sector reformation in Ukraine, which can be realized with the support of the WB credit resources at the sum of 1 bln USD. Its introduction allows to provide complex rehabilitation and increasing of the financial capability of the banking system.

Also, the World Bank group stated about the all-round support support for the structure reforms in Ukraine and the readiness to provide Ukraine with the financial support at the sum of 3 bln USD. The support will be provided within the system (1 bln USD) and investment (1.2 bln USD) World Bank projects of reconstruction and development, financing by International financial corporation the support programs of financial sector, agrobusiness, infrastructure and other sectors of Ukrainian economy (400 mln USD) and providing the technical and consultative support.

The strategic attention of the World Bank supported programs will be given to the macroeconomic stability reproduction, financial sector strengthening, energy sector reformation, fighting corruption and accountability increase, investment climate and public assistance for vulnerable segments of the population improvement.


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