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Bulgaria: wheat exports reached the new record

According to operators of the Bulgarian market, the National Grain and Fodder Service of Bulgaria published its estimation of exports and stocks of the major grains in the country as of March 1, 2014.

In particular, since the beginning of the season Bulgarian wheat exports reached the level of 3.14 mln tonnes, which broke the record for the country. At the same time, the EU imported 2.18 mln tonnes of the specified volumes.

As of the reporting date, the carry-over stocks of wheat in Bulgaria were estimated at 0.91 mln tonnes.

As of March 1, Bulgarian maize export volumes reached 1.52 mln tonnes, including 1.07 mln tonnes supplied to the EU countries.

The current stocks of the grain in the country total 0.88 mln tonnes, which is rather high index, which will allow Bulgaria to continue shipping maize on foreign markets until September 2014, when new crop maize comes on the market.


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