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Kyrgyzstan: state budget received 2.3 mln USD after imposition of the import duties on flour

Only during 3 months after imposition of the import duties on flour, the state budget revenues of Kyrgyzstan already totaled 2.3 mln USD, declared Batyr Torobaev, Chairman of the Association of flour millers of the Kyrgyz Republic, on April 1.

According to him, the standby time of 26 flour milling enterprises, located in all regions of the country, became the major prerequisite for imposition of the reporting import duties. The production capacity totals 600 thsd tonnes per year, the consumption totals nearly 500 thsd tonnes. Effectiveness of the protective measures led to the fact that the growth of flour production during six months of 2013 totaled 40%. Before imposition of the duties Kyrgyzstan imported 18 thsd tonnes of the grain per month, but after the imposition since August 2013 the country started importing 30 thsd tonnes of the grain. Previously wheat flour imports totaled 10-13 thsd tones per month, but to date the index totals nearly 6 thsd tones, said B.Torobaev.



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