April 3 2014, 09:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1918

IMF to examine the decision on Ukraine till the end of April – A.Yatsenyuk

The International Monetary Fund to examine the decision on the program of work with Ukraine until the end of April 2014, declared Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister of Ukraine, on April 2, 2014.

The Head of the Government stated that next week the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plans to adopt the list of laws. It is the preliminary conditions, which Ukraine has to fulfill.

A.Yatsenyuk expressed confidence that the Government will take a vote on the required laws and the decision of the IMF will be positive. In particular, he added that the Parliament has to reconsider some tax rates.

The Prime Minister mentioned that he will insist on reconsideration of the big business tax rates, because there is its lobbyism in the Parliament.


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