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In March 2014 Egypt increased the imports of Ukrainian grains

According to the official statistics data, in March 2014 Egypt imported 1.29 mln tonnes of grains, as opposed to 1.12 mln tonnes in the previous month, including 787.8 thsd tonnes of wheat and 498.2 thsd tonnes of maize.

It should be noted that the share of Ukrainian grains in the reporting import volume totaled 33.6%, against the previous month index of 21.7%. Thus, the sea ports of Ukraine supplied 434.96 thsd tonnes of grains to the direction, against 243.77 thsd tonnes in the previous month. In the reporting period the share of wheat totaled 140.71 thsd tonnes (116.6 thsd tonnes), maize – 294.25 thsd tonnes (127.17 thsd tonnes).

The sea ports of Russia supplied 247.79 thsd tonnes of wheat to Egypt, as opposed to 107.9 thsd tonnes in the previous month.


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