April 4 2014, 08:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1183

Ukraine: agro-industrial complex to receive 2.2 bln USD, due to unilateral opening of the EU market

Ukrainian producers of agrarian commodities and food may receive nearly 2.2 bln USD of profit, due to zero setting and significant decreasing of the customs duties for their commodities by the European Union, which the EU is ready to introduce in a one-way fashion for the term of half a year, declared Vitaly Sabluk, Director of the Department of economic development of the agrarian market of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, on April 3.

V.Sabluk stated that the real possibilities for half a year include increasing of the export volumes to the EU by 46% or 717 mln USD within duty-free quotas, and to 1.5 bln USD within the quotas with significant duty decrease.

In particular, according to the official, the expected profit from confectionery exports to the EU under the reduced duties will total 450 mln USD, supplies to the European oilseed meal market – to 1 bln USD.


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