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Ukraine: in 2013 Creative Group transported over 545 thsd tonnes of agricultural commodities by vehicles

In 2013 Creative Group, the top Ukrainian agricultural company, transported over 545 thsd tonnes of agricultural commodities by own vehicles, informed the press-service of the company on April 3. Thus, sunflower seed and oil formed the major share of the transported volumes (78%) at the level of 424 thsd tonnes.

According to the announcement, the major commodities were: crude sunflower oil – 263.3 thsd tonnes, sunflower seed – 161.4 thsd tonnes, grains and soybeans – nearly 31 thsd tonnes, tropic oils – 30.8 thsd tonnes, end products – 18.7 thsd tonnes, soybean and sunflower meals – 11.3 thsd tonnes, etc. As of to date, the motor vehicle fleet of the company totals 442 units, including grain cars, tilt covered trucks for long-distance transportation, special machinery, buses, light vehicles and industrial trucks.

Creative Group is the leading Ukrainian integrated agro-industrial company that is developing its business in four key areas: production of fats and margarines, production of sunflower oil and meal, production of soybean oil and meal and agriculture (farming, production of fuel pellets from biomass, livestock breeding, etc.)


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