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Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy to closely cooperate with the EU

On April 3, 2014, Igor Shwayka, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, expressed his hope for close cooperation with the European Union on promotion of the domestic agrarian commodities on the European markets.

The Minister stated that the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economic has positive trend of dynamic development in the nearest time, owing to possibilities of effective Ukrainian land fund usage.

I.Shwayka mentioned that taking into account the features of agrarian business conduction in Ukraine, development of the high-technology agrarian enterprises is advanced. In the stated context Ukraine is in the global trend race.

The Minister informed that the Government takes special attention to the enterprises modernization and attracting investments. Thus, the general volume of capital investments in the cattle-breeding sector totals 5.5 bln UAH.

I.Shwayks declared that Ukraine, along with the domestic market providing, takes measures on the export capacity development. In 2013 the agrarian commodities exports totaled 17.4 bln UAH, including plant growing commodities – 16.1 bln UAH, and animal origin commodities – 1.3 bln UAH.

According to the Minister, organic commodity producers can take the specific position on the Ukrainian foreign markets. In some regions there are held certificated organic businesses up to the EU standards.

I.Shwayka added that the EU is ready to promote Ukrainian commodities on the European markets.


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