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Ukraine increased exports of sunflower oil

According to data of APK-Inform Agency, the key importers of Ukrainian sunflower oil still keep the high level of demand. Since the beginning of 2014 Ukraine already supplied 529.65 thsd tonnes of the commodity on foreign markets, against 478.74 thsd tonnes in the same period last year. In particular, India imported 179.26 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil from Ukraine, China - 64.4 thsd tonnes, Saudi Arabia - 35.6 thsd tonnes, the Netherlands – 28.04 thsd tonnes, the United Kingdom - 26.1 thsd tonnes, Egypt - 17.5 thsd tonnes, Iran - 15 thsd tonnes, Malaysia - 14.43 thsd tonnes, Spain - 12.7 thsd tonnes, the United Arab Emirates - 12.3 thsd tonnes, Turkey - 12 thsd tonnes. The EU, Sudan, Lebanon, Taiwan, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Oman imported the remaining volumes of sunflower oil.

It should be noted that the following terminals realized shipments of the reporting commodities from Ukraine: Ukrpischesbytsyryo (162.1 thsd tonnes), Risoil (179.93 thsd tonnes), Allseeds Black Sea (65.5 thsd tonnes), Delta Wilmar CIS (66.62 thsd tonnes), TIS (20 thsd tonnes), Risoil-Yug (4.5 thsd tonnes) and the Kerch Commercial Sea Port (31 thsd tonnes).

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