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Crimea share in the general agricultural production is under 3%

In 2013 the Crimea agricultural commodities general production totaled 6.7 bln UAH, or 2.6% from the total production in Ukraine, declared the National Scientific University “the Institute of Agrarian Economy” on April 4, 2014.

Share of the Crimea in the plant commodities production totaled 2% from the same rate of Ukraine, livestock products - 3.8%. In particular, the Crimea has the largest share in rice production – 56%, wool – 25.4% and grapes – 16.6%.

Note, the peninsula share in peas production is significant – 7.5% from the same rate of Ukraine, fruit and berries – 5%, field vegetables – 4.6%, and also realization commodities of cattle and poultry – 5.2%.

At the same time, the Crimea has less share in other types of agricultural commodities. In particular, the share of grains and grain legumes totaled 1.2%, sunflower – 1%, soybean – 1.2%. The share of milk and eggs production reached 2.5% and 2.6%, respectively.

The Institute of Agrarian Economy forecasts that excluding the Crimean rates the total agricultural output increase in Ukraine to total 2.2%.


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