April 7 2014, 14:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 921

Russia: in March 2014, the sea ports increased grain exports

According to the official statistics data, in March 2014 Russia increased grain exports from the sea ports by 90% - to the level of 2.05 mln tonnes, against 1.08 mln tonnes in the previous month.

In particular, in the reporting period the exports of wheat reached 1.41 mln tonnes, against 725.5 thsd tonnes in February 2014. In addition, the exports of maize grew to 520.6 thsd tonnes (337.2 thsd tonnes), barley – 69.3 thsd tonnes (12.6 thsd tonnes), wheat bran – 37.5 thsd tonnes (9.1 thsd tonnes), and peas – 12.7 thsd tonnes (no shipments in the previous month).

At the same time, in the reporting period Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port became the largest port in the general structure of companies shipping Russian grains on the world market – 1.06 mln tonnes, or 51%.


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