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Ukraine: in March, 2014 the rate of inflation totaled 2.2%

In March, 2014 the consumer price index for commodities and services totaled 102.2% compared to the same rate of the previous month. In January-March the rate of inflation totaled 3%, declared the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on April 7, 2014.

In the reporting month the prices for food commodities increased by 2.4%.

The higher prices increase was faced by eggs (by 21.3%). The prices for fruit increased by 11.8%. Also, the prices increase was faced by sugar, rice, grains by-products (by 5.4%-10.4%), fish and fish products, vegetables, fermented milk products, butter, cheese (by 1%-3.2%). At the same time, the prices for suet, pork, sun oil, poultry meat and beef decreased by 0.1%-1.1%.


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