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Ukraine: Bessarabia-V to be closed due to the VAT non-refund

On April 15, 2014 OEP Bessarabia-V to be closed due to the VAT non-refund at the amount of nearly 34 mln UAH, declared the Director of the plant Dmitry Shiderev on April 7, 2014.

According to D.Shiderev, the reason of the complication is that the enterprise opened the credit lines in banks amounting to 30 mln USD.

The Director of the plan stated if the authorities of Izmail bend the enterprise and allow to build the moorage on the Danube for sun oil and meal shipments, the problem will be solved partly. But, the administrators dismissed the enterprise's request, despite the additional incomes to the local budget at the amount of 500 thsd UAH annually owing the land lease only.

D.Shiderev mentioned that in the recent 10 years the local authorities did not pay attention to the problems of the enterprise, being one of the largest in the stated region.

The core competence of OEP Bessarabia-V is oilseeds processing and also their by-products wholesale trade: crude sun and rapeseed oil, sun meal and pellets made of the sunflower husk.

As of to date, the enterprise capacity is 600-800 tonnes daily. The total capacity of the enterprise for raw-materials processing totals 252 thsd tonnes of seeds annually, for oil production – 108,360 tonnes annually.



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