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Ukraine: in 2014 Creative Group to start construction of a new oil filling terminal

The agro-industrial company Creative Group - one of the largest producers of vegetable oils and fats in Ukraine - plans in 2014 to start construction of a new oil filling terminal with a capacity of 1 mln tonnes of vegetable oils per year, declared Yuri Davydov, Chairman of the Board, on April 8.

According to him, the terminal will be constructed in Illichevsk. The estimated cost of construction of the terminal totals 10 mln USD, and the payback period - 3.5 years.

Also, Y.Davydov mentioned that in the current year Creative plans to launch two new elevator complexes with the general capacity of nearly 126 thsd tonnes. Thus, the simultaneous storage capacity of the Group will rise to 549 thsd tonnes of agricultural crops. Generally, in 2014 the company plans to invest nearly 40 mln USD in its further development.

Creative Group is a leading Ukrainian integrated agro-industrial company and one of the largest producers of agricultural products in Ukraine. The Group is a major player in the production of fats and margarines on the Ukrainian market (with a market share of over 30%). The Group owns three plants for processing of sunflower seed with the general annual capacity of nearly 1.1 mln tonnes. Also, Creative owns 4 plants for production of modified fats and margarines with the general annual production capacity of more than 200 thsd tonnes of finished products. The Group produces fats and margarines, sunflower oil and meal, soybean meal and oil and biofuel pellets and is engaged in agriculture, particularly farming and livestock breeding. The Group’s facilities produce unbranded products and products under the trademarks Sonola, Delikon, Dyvne and Kum.


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