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Crimea to found the single system of passenger and freight traffic operation

The United Transport Directorate of Russia plans to found the single system of passenger and freight traffic operation in the Crimea, declared Sergei Miroschnik, the Deputy General Director of the Directorate, on April 8.

According to S.Miroschnik, in nearly one month there will be announced several competitions for foundation of the automated traffic management system, the logistics transport center, etc.

The Transport Directorate will completely manage transportation operations on the route “continent-peninsula”. Also, the Directorate will act as the authorized operator, will work with the existing ferry operators and attract new ones, said S.Miroschnik. The United Transport Directorate will monitor the condition of motor roads throughout the peninsula.

He noted that to date 90% of traffic flows of the Crimea come through the ports Kavkaz-Kerch. Therefore, it is necessary to work out other logistics routes, primarily the sea ones. Also, the Transport Directorate plans to unload motor roads of Krasnodar Krai. According to S.Miroschnik, the main task is to organize supplying of basic consumer goods to the Crimea, and transporting of industrial goods from the territory of the peninsula to the continent.

The Deputy General Director of the Directorate forecasted that the flow of commodities from the Crimea through the ports towards Russia and several foreign countries will also be rather high, due to well-developed agriculture of the region.


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