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Ukraine to develop organic commodities production and exports to the EU

Ukraine aims to develop organic commodities production and exports to the European Union, declared the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Igor Schwayka on April 9, 2014.

The Minister stated as of to date the European market is protected by general agricultural policy. At the same time, Ukraine exports its commodities on the European market, including the organic ones. I.Schwayka mentioned that the Government will support organic course and farming in Ukraine, owing the rapid increase of domestic organic commodities production and exports.

I.Schwayka added that the major issue for the Ministry of Agrarian Police and Food of Ukraine is regulation and standards allowing the domestic agricultural commodities to compete on the EU market owing their high quality.

The Minister stated the priority positions are taken by grains, meanwhile the cattle-breeding commodities need to be regulated by all the parameters.

To date there is the Law of Ukraine “On the agricultural commodities and raw-material production and turnover”. The Government is elaborating the Draft Laws for efficiency work of all the production mechanisms and organic commodities turnover.


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