Ukraine: Ministry of Agrarian Policy to deregulate the market of plant protecting agents




On April 10, the working group of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine held the meeting and examined the issue of further deregulation of the market of plant protecting agents.

The officials considered the issues of improvement of legislation in the field of plant protection and the problems related to counterfeit products on the market. Liberalization of the business climate and deregulation of the market of plant protecting agents in Ukraine is one of the key challenges in the sphere.

Thus, providing of licenses for plant protecting chemicals, which imports is subject to licensing, deletes any possibility of imports of the preparations which do not pass the official tests and registration, have doubtful qualitative indices or even fraudulent. Also, the planned licensing provides an opportunity to improve both forms and methods of interaction between participants of the market of these preparations, provide effective control over their activity, promote the further rising of agricultural production rates. According to the Law "On Plants Protection", the state phytosanitary inspectors to constantly monitor storage, transportation, usage and trading of plant protecting agents on the domestic market.