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Ukraine: cancellation of granaries certification may worsen grain storage quality

Cancellation of granaries certification in Ukraine may lead to worsening of grain storage quality, because previously certification of granaries was held on the basis of technical regulations, which stipulated not only technical condition of storehouses, but also provision of the enterprises with the required laboratory equipment and personnel, declared Rodion Rybchinskiy, Head of Business Projects Division of APK-Inform Agency.

In addition, the expert noted that double storehouse certificates for grains meant that only certified enterprises can work with them.

As for cancellation of grain and by-products certification, the Head of Business Projects Division of APK-Inform noted that it will have a positive impact on the grain market. In particular, the Ukrainian certificate for qualitative conditions of exported grains is not valid for foreign partners, and in most cases there are required international certificates, issued by independent surveyors. According to R.Rybchinskiy, grain quality certificate is the essential part of a set of documents for export shipments.

As for the domestic market, there may be some problems associated with serious legal conflicts between the buyer and seller, when the contractual form to be revised. Therefore, the contract will stipulate the need to provide some documents specifying the qualitative indices, or there will be working in trust. But of course, within the holding structure, when the grain is transferred from agricultural producers to grain processors or exporters within one company, it reduces the costs, because previously such operations with grains inside one holding required the presence of a quality certificate, he concluded.


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