April 15 2014, 08:21 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1358

APK-Inform not to review the grains production forecast

Despite the worsening of the political situation in Ukraine, APK-Inform not to review the grains production forecast in 2014. According to the estimates of the Agency, in the next season the general output of grains and legumes will total 57.3 mln tonnes, down 9% compared to the record crop of 2013 (63 mln tonnes). Thus, the winter grains crop in 2014 to reach 21.8 mln tonnes as opposed to 25.4 mln tonnes in 2013 (-14%). The early spring crops - 35.5 mln tonnes, down 6% compared to the previous season (37.7 mln tonnes). In the next season the grains and legumes yield will be at the level of 3.87 tonnes/ha, excluding the Crimean harvest. The production decrease is caused by the complicated economic situation and inability to provide the full financing of the operating costs.

As for the planting campaign in the Ukrainian regions, facing the political situation worsening, note in Donetsk oblast the early grains planted areas totaled 98% of the plan, in Luhansk oblast – 86%. In Donetsk oblast there is an increase of early wheat planted areas compared to the plan (2.5 thsd ha as opposed to 2.2 thsd ha). According to the forecast of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts the early spring grains planted areas for the crop-2014 reached 11%.


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