April 21 2014, 11:29 Source: APK-Inform Views: 587

Russia exported the record volume of maize

In October-November of 2013/14 MY Russia supplied on the foreign markets nearly 2.9 mln tonnes of maize, up 53% compared to the total export volume of the whole 2012/13 MY. Thus, in the first six months of the current season Russia supplied on the foreign markets the record volume of maize (the previous record was fixed in the season 2011/12 – 2.02 mln tonnes).

In the period of November-March of 2013/14 MY the Russian maize exports reached the monthly record rates. In November, 2013 the stated rate totaled 589.1 thsd tonnes, in December – 681.8 thsd tonnes. In January-March, 2014 the maize exports reached the record rate of 407.7 thsd tonnes, 422.3 and 593 thsd tonnes for each month respectively.

The analysts of APK-Inform estimate the maize export potential in the current season at the level of 4.1 mln tonnes.


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