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Kazakhstan exported over 7 mln tonnes of grains – Food Contract Corporation

Since the beginning of 2013/14 MY, and as of April 20, Kazakhstan exported nearly 7.3 mln tonnes of grains, declared Nurbek Dayrbekov, Managing Director of the National Company Food Contract Corporation JSC, on April 23.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the export potential in the current season totals nearly 9.5 mln tonnes of grains. And N.Dayrbekov noted that the potential specified by the Ministry, will be achieved.

According to N.Dayrbekov, Kazakhstan exported 14% of the wheat volumes to Iran, nearly 4% - to China. Previously Iran purchased nearly 300-500 thsd tonnes of wheat per year, and in the current year it is forecasted that Iran will import nearly 1.2 mln tonnes of wheat. In the current MY the exports to China will reach 370 thsd tonnes, up more than 2 times.

At the same time, the share of countries where Kazakhstan supplies wheat with transshipment in the ports of the Azov, Black and Baltic Seas, reduced to 5% in the current year, against 19% in 2009, added N.Dayrbekov.

He noted that the traditional export markets for Kazakhstan are the markets of Central Asian countries. They are stable and very interested in the imports of Kazakh wheat and flour. Their share totals nearly 44-45%, despite the fact that these countries introduced various protective measures on imports of Kazakh flour, like customs duties or quotas.

According to N.Dayrbekov, after establishment of the Customs Union Russia started demonstrating significant increasing of Kazakh wheat imports to 1 mln tonnes in the current and last seasons, as opposed to 100 thsd tonnes in 2009/10 MY and 2010/11 MY.


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