April 24 2014, 15:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 796

In May Russia may export 1.6 mln tonnes of grains – Rusagrotrans

In May 2014 the export volumes of Russian grains may reach nearly 1.5-1.6 mln tonnes, against 2 mln tonnes of the exports expected in April 2014, declared Igor Pavensky, Deputy Director of the strategic management department of Rusagrotrans CJSC, on April 24.

According to the expert, in April the export volumes of maize from the Russian Federation faced some decline. In the first half of the month the export volumes of Russian maize totaled 176.3 thsd tonnes only, which is noticeably lower as opposed to the March index - 593 thsd tonnes.

I.Pavensky called a significant decline in the supply volumes of high-quality maize, increasing of maize prices on the domestic market, and increasing of the export sales of other grains - wheat and barley, as the main reasons for the reporting fall of maize export volumes.


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