April 25 2014, 09:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1549

In 2014 Russia may produce 92-96.2 mln tonnes of grains – Rusagrotrans

Analysts of Rusagrotrans forecasted that in the current year the general grain harvest in Russia will vary within the range from 92 mln tonnes (the pessimistic variant of the forecast) to 96.2 mln tonnes (the optimistic one), declared Igor Pavensky, Deputy Director of the strategic management department of Rusagrotrans CJSC, on April 24.

According to him, in 2014 there is expected rather good harvest of grains in the southern region of the Russian Federation - 32.4 mln tonnes, against 32.1 mln tonnes in the previous year. The Volga region will produce 20.2 mln tonnes, as opposed to 17 mln tonnes in 2013, and the Ural region - 4.8 mln tonnes, against 4.3 mln tonnes.

At the same time, I.Pavensky mentioned that in the current year the Siberian region will possibly reduce the reporting index to 14.5 mln tonnes, as opposed to 15.3 mln tonnes last year, and the Black Earth region - to 20.6 mln tonnes, against 22.5 mln tonnes.


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