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Belarus increased the number of unprofitable agricultural organizations

In Belarus, in January-February, 2014 the number of unprofitable agricultural organizations grew by 2.3 times, as opposed to the rate of the same period of 2013, declared the National Statistic Committee of Belarus.

In January-February, 2013 there were 56 (or 3.8% of the total number) unprofitable agricultural organizations in Belarus, but in the current year the stated rate totaled 128 (8.6%). The net loss of the stated enterprises rose by 5.2 times and totaled 171.5 bln Br, as opposed to 32.8 bln Br in January-February, 2013.

In the reported period, the net income of the agricultural organizations totaled 668.1 bln Br, or 68.6% of the level of January-February, 2013.


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