May 5 2014, 13:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3431

By 2018 Ukraine to produce nearly 4 mln tonnes of soybeans per year

By 2018 soybean planted areas in Ukraine may reach 2 mln ha (in 2013 - 1.35 mln ha), and the oilseed production volumes – nearly 4 mln tonnes (in 2013 - 2.8 mln tonnes), declared Viktor Timchenko, President of Ukrainian Association of Soybean Producers and Processors, on May 5 at the press-conference "Oilseed market: prospects for development in the second half of the season, forecast for the harvest-2014".

He noted that Ukrainian agricultural producers continue steadily rising their interest in soybean cultivation. During 10 recent years the number of agricultural enterprises engaged in soybean production increased in more than 3 times - to 7.7 thsd units in 2013, against 2.3 thsd units in 2003.

According to the President of the Association, Ukraine has the sufficient level of soybean processing capacities - 1.5 mln tonnes per year. And if the country starts using the plants, processing sunflower seed, the index may rise to 2-2.5 mln tonnes of soybeans.

He noted that in 2013 Ukraine processed 0.8 mln tonnes of soybeans, and produced nearly 0.5 mln tonnes of soybean meal.


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