May 7 2014, 13:23 Source: APK-Inform Views: 658

Kazakhstan: prices for food commodities increased

In April, 2014, in Kazakhstan there was the prices increase for the food commodities of 6.3%, compared to the rate of the same month of the previous year, declared the Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan.

In the reported period, there was the prices growth for bread (+3.4%), bun products and pastries (+5.9%), macaroni products (+6%), flour (+3.5%). Also, the prices rise was faced by sugar (+13.1%), dairy products (+9.1%), fat and oil (+0.2%), meat and meat products (+1.9%).

At the same time, there was the prices decrease for groats (-6%) and poultry meat (-1.9%), as opposed to the same rates of April, 2013.


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