May 8 2014, 11:50 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1447

Crimea to face the food safety challenges in terms of failure of supplies from Ukraine

The Crimea may face the challenge of providing the population with food products in terms of failure of supplying from Ukraine, declared Maria Kolesnik, Head of the analytical department of the consulting company "AAA", on May 7.

According to her, the Crimea is substantially import dependent on Ukraine. It is the open question how the Crimea will provide itself with food products.

The UN estimates requirements of the Crimean peninsula in grains at the level of 1.2 mln tonnes. In 2013 the Crimea produced 673 thsd tonnes of grains. M.Kolesnik noted that to date the region can not provide itself with grain stocks for even one half of the required volumes for human consumption and cattle fattening.

According to her, the Crimea planted wheat for the harvest-2014 throughout 275 thsd ha, barley - 137.5 thsd ha, rapeseed - 18.3 thsd ha. The spring crops planted areas reached 175 thsd ha.

The expert noted that all port facilities of the Crimea are export-oriented, the transport logistics is adapted to load grains only, therefore it is unclear how the ports to realize grain delivery from the sea.


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