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Elevator and shipment capacities of Ukraine – new study of APK-Inform

APK-Inform Agency announces a new study “Elevator and shipment capacities of Ukraine – 2014”.

The study focuses on the key tendencies on the grain and oilseed markets of Ukraine, and the characteristics of the crop storage system of the country, in terms of matching of the storage capacities and specifications to requirements of the market.

The study examines in detail the performance features of some sections of the existing granaries. Also, APK-Inform realized the analysis of certified granaries and silos in agricultural producer conditions. The study presents the current trends on the market of services for design and construction of elevators, and marks its development prospects for the nearest future. In addition, the study provides characteristics of the shipment capacities in the ports of Ukraine.

You can become acquitted with the detailed plan at the web-site of the study, and fill in the appeal for its purchasing.

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