May 12 2014, 16:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 663

State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine expands the export geography of grain by-products

PJSC State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine continues increasing the volumes of grain processing, and expands the list of countries where the abovementioned grain by-products will be supplied to. In particular, the Corporation will start deliveries of mixed feed to Israel and vitaminized flour to Palestine, declared Sergyi Sakirkin, Director of the profile department of the company, on May 8.

"The quality of mixed feed products guarantees the effectiveness of such complex agricultural sector as livestock production. And our factories do everything so that the Ukrainian mixed feed production will be in demand from the agrarians and rank in priority with import. We introduce new feed formulas at our processing plant in Izium. Products are supplied to the domestic market and enter the new for us market in Israel," he informed.

The director of the processing department also told that the branch “Novoukrainskyi mill” registered a new trademark of cereals. All the branch’s products will be produced under this trademark, and there are more than twenty names of cereals in the assortment.


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