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Russia: Government confirmed its plans to cancel construction of the port Taman

The Government of Russia confirmed its intention to cancel the previous projects on foundation of the port of Taman and construction of the bridge across the river Lena. The released resources at the sum of 112 bln RUR will be provided to finance more priority projects, including the Crimean ones, declared Alexei Ulyukayev, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, on May 13.

According to him, realization of the reporting projects is becoming less important. As for the port of Taman, due to the fact that there is another configuration of the ports in the Crimea (five deep-sea ports), the significance of the future port in Krasnodar Krai became much lower. And the bridge across the Lena is also quite questionable, but for another reason - there is no obvious traffic, and the project is quite cost-based.

According to him, the received funds will become the required reserve to finance more priority projects in the Crimea and other regions.

“The released resources amount to 112 billion rubles. I do not see the money as a definite source for Crimean projects, it is just additional funds. We already have a 243 billion ruble reserve. With the released funds they comprise a reserve that could be allocated for Crimean or any other projects,” A.Ulyukayev added.


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