May 15 2014, 09:10 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1253

Ukraine stopped supplying water to the Crimea - State Agency of Water Resources

Ukraine stopped the supply of water resources to the Crimea, reported the web-site of the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine.

According to the announcement, the North Crimean Canal works in an operational mode, which is adjusted according to the needs of water consumers of Kherson oblast, due to the absence of constructive proposals on concluding contractual relationships for provision of water resource needs of the Crimean region on drinking water supply and irrigation.

Also, the Agency noted that the debt of water consumers of the Crimea to the Office of the North Crimean Canal totals 1.7 mln UAH for 2013 only.

In turn, Igor Vayil, Head of the Republican Committee on water engineering and irrigated agriculture, reported that the Crimean authorities received the letter from Ukraine with a proposal to renew the water supply after paying the debt, squaring of prices, and returning the machinery used in the water management system of the peninsula.


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