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In 2014 Turkey to increase sunflower seed imports to 1 mln tonnes – expert

In 2014 calender year Turkey will import nearly 1 mln tonnes of sunflower seed, compared with 0.8 mln tonnes in the previous year, due to reduction of the domestic oilseed production in the country, and increasing of capacities of the Turkish crushing plants, declared Murat Tekkok, Oil and Oilseed Trader & Crush Manager of the company Bunge Turkey, on May 13 in Istanbul during his speech at the conference “VegOils Trade Outlook- 2014”.

Also, he noted that in 2013/14 MY the volume of sunflower seed production in the EU and countries of the Black Sea region is expected to reduce by nearly 1.5 mln tonnes compared with the previous season - to 30 mln tonnes.

At the same time, the reporting index still remains as one of the historically highest for the region during several recent seasons. The main origins will be again Moldovia, Bulgaria and Romania rather than Russia and Ukraine, the expert added.

In addition, M.Tekkok noted that in the current year Turkey will import nearly 0.7 mln tonnes of sunflower oil. At the same time, Russia will be the major supplier of the commodity, not Ukraine, which will be caused by possible increasing of the Ukrainian sun oil supplies to the EU market, said the expert.


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