May 22 2014, 08:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3485

In 2014 Russia to reduce sunflower seed harvest

According to the forecast of APK-Inform Agency, in 2014 the average yield of sunflower seed in Russia will total 1.41 t/ha (in bunker weight), against the record index of 1.6 t/ha (in bunker weight) in 2013. The expected yield of the oilseed in 2014 will be the second largest indicator after the record one. In terms of the planted areas estimation at 7 mln ha, the harvested areas may reach 6.6 mln ha. Next season Russia is expected to reduce the oilseed harvest volumes by 14% - to 9.3 mln tonnes (in bunker weight). However, it is worth noting that the index is the third largest one during 10 recent years.

You can become acquainted with the forecast of the major oilseeds production volumes and planted areas in Russia in 2014 from the analysis article “Forecast of oilseeds production in Russia in 2014” from the following issue of AGRIMARKET WEEKLY #21 dd. May 26, 2014.


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