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Development of the Crimean ports in the export sphere is impossible yet

The primary task of the Ministry of Transport of the Crimea is reconstruction of the port facilities under the domestic needs of the region. It is premature to talk about large-scale development of the sea ports in the Crimea in the export direction, declared Yuri Shevchenko, Head of the Ministry of Transport of the region.

According to him, even in the terms of future construction of the Kerch bridge, the cargo flow from the peninsula to the continental territory of Russia is quite limited. Even if the Crimea receives 90-100 mln tonnes of cargoes per year, the bridge will not be able to pass all of these volumes to the remaining territory of the Russian Federation, stressed Y.Shevchenko.

In 2013, the cargo flow of the Crimean sea ports decreased by 23.6%, compared with 2012, and totaled 12 mln tonnes. According to Y.Shevchenko, to date the peninsula almost stopped shipment operations, because previously the ports basically shipped cargoes from Ukraine.

According to the Minister the current negotiations between Ukrainian and Crimean railway lines complicate realization of cargo transportation. Therefore, to date development of the port facilities primarily means maintaining them in the acceptable condition.

But if the political situation changes, and the relations with Ukraine improve, then the Crimea can continue developing the ports, summed Y.Shevchenko.


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