May 23 2014, 12:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1060

Ukraine: Nibulon is ready to allocate 2 bln USD in bottom dredging of the Dnieper

The company Nibulon is ready to allocate 2 bln USD for bottom dredging on the river Dnepr, declared Oleksiy Vadaturskyy, General Director of Nibulon.

According to him, the company is ready to realize dredging of the Dnieper in 3 months as partners with the Government, in terms that the Government to return the funds within 3 years.

However, he noted that to date he does not see effective support to the reporting initiative.

O.Vadaturskyy stated that the financial-industrial groups controlling the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, are not interested in solving the reporting problem. The same situation is observed in bottom dredging of the Southern Buh, which requires 10 mln USD to make the river navigable. But the issue still remains unresolved.


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