May 23 2014, 11:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 873

Ukraine: sunflower oil exporters experienced the effect of the EU trade preferences

Companies-exporters of Ukrainian sunflower oil were the first ones, who already experienced the effect of the new autonomous trade preferences by the EU, declared Leonid Kozachenko, President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation, on May 22.

According to him, almost all large-scale producers of sunflower oil, which realize nearly 90% of the production of the commodity, have the corresponding quality certificates (e.g., ISO), were able to export the commodity to the EU without quotas and duties.

Also, despite the presence of the quotas on imports of basic grains, grain traders felt the positive effect of the trade preferences, because the European market is long familiar with Ukrainian grains, which quality completely meets the EU requirements.

But as for producers of meat, eggs and dairy products, their access on the EU market is quite difficult. First, it is due to the absence of the required certification of the abovementioned commodities, said L.Kozachenko.


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