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EU to provide Moldova with the financial support

The European Union will provide Moldova with 120 mln EUR in order to support the agriculture and rural areas' development, declared the EU Commissioner on the Agriculture and Rural Development Dacian Cioloș on May 23, 2014.

D.Cioloș stated Moldova will obtain the money within the Program on the European neighborhood of agriculture and rural development ENPARD, aimed till 2017. The first tranche of the financing assistance at the amount of 64 mln EUR to be approved by the end of July, 2014. The stated funds will be allocated within the Moldova agrarian sector development and modernization support after the signing of Agreement on the Free Trade with the EU. At the same time, th EU plans to rise the competitive ability of Moldova commodities and quality of life of agrarians, including small-scale producers. The EU Commissioner mentioned, that the stated Agreement will be signed on June 27, 2014 and will allow the Moldova producers to enter the European market.

According to D.Cioloș, the EU expects the Government of Moldova to introduce the Strategy on the rural areas' development, already approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.


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