May 30 2014, 12:30 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1132

Ukraine: terminal LLC EVERI shipped the record batch of sunflower oil

In the second half of May 2014 the sea transshipment terminal LLC EVERI (Nikolayev) realized the record shipment of crude sunflower oil batch to the vessel "OCEAN SPIRIT" - 31.5 thsd tonnes of the commodity to be delivered to the Middle East, declared the press-service of the company on May 23.

According to the announcement, the reporting volume of shipments is the record for the terminal, as previosly the shipped batches usually varied within 8-10 thsd tonnes. Previous record of shipment of 30 thsd tonnes was observed in November 2013.

The terminal EVERI is the leader in cargo turn-over among other oil loading terminals of Ukraine so far this season.

Generally, increasing of simultaneous shipment volumes and the trend of annual increasing of cargo turnover of the terminal, witness that the terminal EVERI is one of the major oil loading terminals in Ukraine, concluded the announcement.


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