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Turkish company to establish relationships with Ukrainian grain suppliers

APK-Inform Agency continues preparation for the thirteenth international conference "Grain Forum - 2014: New markets, Challenges and Opportunities", to be held on June 16-18, 2014, in Odessa (hotel "Bristol").

To date, more than 150 delegates confirmed their participation in the event, representing the companies from the EU, the USA, Austria, Russia, Turkey, etc.

Thus, one of the leading suppliers of agricultural products on the compound feed market of Turkey, the company Promar Group (Promar Agricultural Commodity Trading A.C.), will visit the conference to establish direct relationships with Ukrainian grain suppliers.

The basic activity of the company is focused on the supply of grains (wheat, maize, barley), soybeans, sunflower seed, rapeseed, flaxseed, vegetable oils and meals (soybean, sunflower meals), etc.

Promar Group was founded in 2003, and during 11 years it is one of the leading producers of animal feed in Turkey, owning the feed mill plant Basari Yem in Izmir. The company offices are located in Istanbul and Izmir.

We should note that next season the export potential of the grain market of Ukraine is estimated by APK-Inform at the level of 30.24 mln tonnes, down 6.3% compared with the forecast for the current season, but it is still rather high index. In particular, the forecasted export volumes of wheat may reach 8.5 mln tonnes (down 7.6% compared with 2012/13 MY), barley - 2.3 mln tonnes (down 2.1%), and maize - 19 mln tonnes (down 6.4%).

You can meet representatives of Promar Group by visiting the conference "Grain Forum - 2014: New markets, Challenges and Opportunities".

Here you can fill in the application form for participation in the event.


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