June 12 2014, 10:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1189

Ukraine: cargo fleet of Nibulon shipped over 2.1 mln tonnes of agricultural products

Since the beginning of 2013/14 MY the cargo fleet of Nibulon transported (including exports) almost 2.15 mln tonnes of agricultural commodities, declared the press-service of the company on June 5.

According to the announcement, during navigation operations in the current year the cargo fleet shipped nearly 590 thsd tonnes of agricultural products.

According to the company, during 43 weeks of self-propelled floating crane "Saint Nicholas" loaded over 743 thsd tonnes of wheat, barley, maize, rapeseed and other crops from nonself-propelled vessels. The daily capacity rates of the crane total nearly 20 thsd tonnes, which is equal to the capacities of the main grain terminal of the company in Nikolayev.

In addition, Nibulon continues developing its own cargo fleet, including the planned construction of river towboats, self-propelled and non-propelled vessels, and grain conveyors.


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