June 12 2014, 12:00 Source: APK-Inform Views: 3531

EU is interested in exports of Ukrainian oilseeds – expert

The European Union is principally interested in purchasing of oilseed raw materials from Ukraine, declared Stepan Kapshuk, General Director of the Association Ukroliyaprom, on June 10 at the press-conference "Ukrainian agro-industrial complex and the EU".

According to him, it is caused by the fact that the EU uses only half of its domestic oilseed raw materials to load the processing capacities.

Therefore, S.Kapshuk expressed concern on the article of the Association Agreement with the EU, which proposes to zero the export duties on sunflower seed upon expiration of the transition period (15 years), since imposition of the reporting export duties provided development of the fat-and-oil industry in Ukraine at the proper time.

In addition, the expert noted that if in 2012/13 MY the EU imported 565 thsd tonnes of sunflower oil from Ukraine, then during the first 8 months of 2013/14 MY the index totaled nearly 240 thsd tonnes, while the imports of oilseed raw materials (rapeseed, soybeans, sunflower seed) totaled 2.5 mln tonnes and 2.3 mln tonnes, respectively.


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