June 18 2014, 15:40 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1246

“Ukrainian soybean market – 2014” started in Odessa

On May 18 the second international conference "Ukrainian soybean market - 2014" started in Odessa. APK-Inform Agency is the conference organizer.

The roundtable discussion “Improving the effectiveness of agribusiness in the heightened risk conditions” opened the conference program. The sessional part of the conference starts on June 19.

During the conference the participants (more than 100 delegates representing 80 companies from 8 countries) will discuss the current situation of the world and Ukrainian markets of soybeans and by-products, analyze the trends influencing the Ukrainian market of soybeans and by-products, examine the features of Ukrainian soybean trading on the world market, price trends of the season-2013/14 and short-term forecasts of the further development of the reporting segment of the oilseed market.

APK-Inform Agency will cover the most significant events of "Ukrainian soybean market – 2014" in the news feed of the conference web-site.


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