June 19 2014, 14:20 Source: APK-Inform Views: 1126

Russia not to impose customs duties on the imports of Ukrainian food to the Crimea

The Russian authorities do not plan to impose the customs duties on the supply of food products from Ukraine to the territory of Crimea, and are interested in the presence of Ukrainian enterprises on the market of the peninsula, declared Oleg Savelyev, Minister of Crimean Affairs, on June 16.

The Minister said that the market of Crimea is receptive enough, and Ukrainian suppliers are very interested to work with Russia.

According to him, to date most of the food commodities imported to the Republic of Crimea comes from the mainland Ukraine.

It is high-quality and cheap food. At the same time, there were some attempts to transit food products from the region, including even to Krasnodar Krai, O.Savelyev said, reminding that to date there acts the limitation on the exports of meat, eggs and milk from the Crimea.

There will never be any customs duties for food on the border between Russia and Ukraine, explained the Minister. The Government has a task to keep the maximum cooperation ties with Ukrainian companies. And the Crimea is a very good platform for interaction with Ukrainian businesses, stressed O.Savelyev, adding that in his opinion, Ukraine can become one of the sources of investment flows to the region.


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